Redemption Tattoo Parlour

Proudly Serving The Wilmington, Delaware Area. Established 2015.


Redemption Tattoo Parlour currently offers the services of Adam Watkins. More information about who Adam is and his experience in tattoo are soon to come. View some of his work below.

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    “Adam work is amazing. He has done two pieces for me and I could not be happier. I can’t wait to schedule my next piece.”Deborah Barshay-Pruitt

    “There is no one else’s artwork I would let on my body. Adam is an amazing Artist! I can’t wait for my next appointment! Great Job!”Charlie McDevitt

    “Adam takes the idea in your head, makes it better and then draws it up! Love his work and can’t wait to get more done by him!”Katie Dietz

    “ADAM IS THE BEST! I am so excited to start coming there for the add on to my sleeve!”Amanda Redden

    “My sister and I both have had work done by Adam and now my brother is wanting his turn for his 18th birthday gift. I live 3 hours away now and will only be returning to Delaware for more work by him! His talent is obvious when you look at all the work he has done, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to bring my ideas to life.”Kelly Hamilton


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